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Developed with the highest quality materials and machinery, it has rightfully earned its SABS quality approval. We understand that it is imperative to supply the finest brake pads as we know your life and the life of your dear ones depend on it. Hence we are always striving to improve the product as a quicker stop could be a question of life or death. Tested and examined under the most arduous simulations it has impressively revealed to be the leading resilient brake pads that which can be counted. On the market for over 16 years it continues to be ranked as a South African favourite when considering a well priced and first-class brake pad. It thus makes for an evident choice when considering the professional customer support and a warranty for 12 months should you encounter any issues.


Established more than 30 years ago after precise studies and research in steel sheet working and construction of high precision tooling; it has become a world leading clutch brand. Italian engineered with premium metallurgy to deliver optimal performance for all vehicle makes. The assembly process is done by state-of-the-art systems which go through dynamic and static segments and mass optimization to ensure that components deliver the utmost performance even under the most strenuous conditions. With ever improving production and technological development combined with the highest ISO standards it is fast becoming the most reliable Clutch brand in the South African region. Suitable to all vehicles makes and reasonably priced, it makes for an obvious decision when considering a clutch kit that will give you peace of mind for many years to come as it is backed up by a year warranty (no questions asked).


The Mila Clutch Kit has just exclusively been introduced into the South Africa market to provide a more conveniently priced clutch kit for all vehicle makes while not compromising on quality. Manufactured with the highest qualitative steel sheets and by leading technologies it has proven to be a steadfast product with genuine parts which will not let you down when most needed. With continual research and development Mila is fast becoming the primary brand in clutch distinction. Accompanied with a 12 months warranty it makes for an obvious choice when considering a premium and well priced clutch which will give you the confidence in knowing that your vehicle is operated with superior parts.


Alto Brake Discs are cast from different cast iron alloys which are matched to vehicle specifications. The matching of the vehicle specifications ensures maximum performance and durability, under normal & extreme braking conditions.


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